Lincoln College

Office for Disability Services :: Lincoln Campus

Registering for Services

Upon acceptance to Lincoln College, students are encouraged to contact the Office for Disability Services to begin the registration process. The registration steps are as follows:

  1. Submit the Student Registration Sheet and the Request for Accommodations Form.  Students may also wish to submit copies of pertinent disability documentation at this time.
  2. Schedule an appointment with the Coordinator of ODS to complete an intake interview. Information gathered during the interview will be used to supplement the student’s disability documentation in order to determine eligibility for services.
  3. Once eligibility has been established, the Coordinator and student will discuss appropriate accommodations and ODS policies and procedures, either during the intake interview or at a later date.
  4. The student then requests a copy of his or her Faculty Accommodation Letter at the beginning of each semester.

ODS reserves the right to determine eligibility for services based on the information obtained during the student interview and additional supporting documentation.  All documentation is confidential and will be shared only with a signed release by the student.

Student Rights & Responsibilities