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The Office for Disability Services takes a collaborative approach with the student to determine eligibility for services and accommodations.

In order to fully evaluate each student’s request for accommodations or auxiliary aids, ODS requires the student to complete the ODS intake form and then meet with the Director to complete an intake appointment, at which time more information about the impact of the student’s impairment will be discussed so that an eligibility determination can be made.

In addition to the intake form and interview, students may be asked to submit documentation from external sources,

which may include educational or medical records, reports and assessments created by health care providers, school psychologists, teachers or the educational system. The documentation will be used to further support ODS in establishing eligibility for services, understanding the impact of the disability, and making informed decisions about accommodations.  Students who have documentation of a disability from an external source are encouraged to submit this information to ODS prior to or during the intake interview, when possible.

Students are encouraged to contact the Office for Disability Services upon acceptance to Lincoln College to begin the process of registering for disability services.