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In order to comply with the Americans with Disability Act Amendments Act of 2008 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the College must provide equal access to the campus, curriculum, and extracurricular programs for individuals with disabilities. Currently, approximately 10% of our enrolled students are registered with the Office for Disability Services (ODS), and a majority of those students have a disability that is “hidden.”

ODS works individually with each student to determine eligibility for disability services and then discuss appropriate accommodations which will in essence “level the playing field” and provide equal access for the student. Faculty play an integral role in the accommodation process, as they often work in collaboration with ODS to ensure that students have access to the curriculum, programs, and services. Examples of the most common accommodations that students receive are as follows:

  • Extended time for testing (50%-100%)
  • Assistance with note taking (copy of peer’s notes, PowerPoint slides, or lecture notes)
  • Obtain printed materials in an alternate format
  • Take tests in a distraction-reduced environment
  • Use of Assistive Technology on exams (to aid with reading, writing)
  • Ability to tape-record lectures

For information on registration and Universal Design: ODS Processes

For information on service animals and emotional support animals: Animals on Campus: 2018

Faculty Rights and Responsibilities


  • Request verification that the student is registered with ODS. The student should provide you with a copy of the Faculty Accommodation Letter from ODS.
  • Expect the student to initiate a request for accommodations, and to do so in a timely manner.
  • Expect that any examinations administered at the Academic Success Center or ODS will be in a secure environment which will maintain the integrity of the test.
  • Hold students with disabilities to the same academic standards as all other students.


Suggested Syllabus statement is as follows:

Students who have documented disabilities are encouraged to register with the Office for Disability Services (ODS) to obtain appropriate classroom accommodations. Any student who needs to register with ODS should contact the Coordinator, Ms. Jessica Hood, at (217) 735-7335, email at , or in Room B-3 of Gehlbach Hall to coordinate disability accommodations and services. Those students who have already registered with ODS and who plan to use accommodations in this course are encouraged to meet with me privately to discuss your ODS accommodation letter and how we will implement your accommodations in this class.

  • Generally, a student’s specific diagnosis and documentation are confidential, and you may not require the student or ODS to share that information with you.
  • Please maintain confidentiality by not discussing a student’s disability except with staff or faculty directly involved in providing services or accommodations.
  • Avoid making announcements in class that could have the effect of disclosing that any student has a disability (e.g., “Students who need special testing should come to the front after class”).
  • Lincoln College is legally obligated to provide accommodations for qualified individuals. Students who present a Faculty Accommodation Letter from ODS have complied with the College’s established guidelines and are entitled to receive accommodations. Students who request accommodations, but do not provide a Faculty Accommodation Letter are not entitled to services or accommodations.
  • Accommodations are intended to mitigate the impact of a disability, not reduce the rigor of a course. If you believe any of the specified accommodations would constitute a fundamental alteration of a course objective, please contact ODS immediately. ODS will request that faculty identify the essential functions of the course, determine the necessary skills and knowledge that students must demonstrate, and the method of evaluation used to assess learning.
  • Ensure that all materials used in class are accessible for students with disabilities. Contact ODS for more information on how to do this.